Stats To Improve Your Game

When it comes to being a winning poker player it is important that you make informed decisions on the felt. If you are able to remember some of the statistics you see in this post I am sure that you will be able to apply it to your poker game and recognize when your in action how to use these powerful stats as your ally in making informed decisions.

Poker is decided ultimately by you and the cards you have. It is essential to your success that you make the best decision possible with the cards you possess and make the most of all your opportunities.

In this list I’m going to give you plenty of stats that you should remember when your out there on the felt.


  • Your odds of getting pocket Aces are 220 to 1


  • Flush Draw After the Flop? 35% chance you hit your draw on the turn or river


  • Holding a Pocket Pair? Your odds of flopping a set are 7.5/1


  • Suited hand only improves your odds of winning by 2.5%


  • You are dealt a pocket pair about ever 1 out of 17 hands
  • Open ended straight draw? You have a 33% chance of hitting it on the turn or river


  • 2 different cards in your hand? 2% chance you hit two pair on the flop


  • 2 different cards in your hand? You have a 32.4% chance of hitting a pair on the flop


  • 2 different cards in your hand? You have a 49% chance of hitting one of your cards by the river.


  • Gunshot straight draw on the flop? You only hit your card 9% of the time


  • Looking for exact cards on a runner – runner ? You have a .3% chance of getting it but if you hit the first one your chances go up to 4.5% for the second card!


  • AA vs Suited Connectors. Pocket Rockets will win this heads up battle about 80% of the time.


  • AK vs KK. KK will win this battle of these MONSTER hands about 66% of the time


  • If you have a suited hand you have a 8% chance of flopping a flush


  • If you holding pocket Jacks a higher card (Ace, King, Queen) will come up on the board 52% of the time so beware


  • You have to over cards with just the river left to go. Your odds of hitting your over cards are approximately 6.7:1


  • Flopped 3 of a kind? Well done your odds of making a full house by the river is 33.4%


  • You flopped two pair? Well done your odds of making a full house by the river is 16.74%


  • Premium hands ( Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and AK) are only dealt to you 2.1% of the time so play them wisely!


  • Matching Top Pair with your opponent but he/she has you beat on the kicker? Well you have a 24% chance of still ending up the winner!


  • Pocket 2’s (52.75%)  vs AK (46.6%). Tie .58%


  • AK (60%) vs 76 suited (40%)


  • You are dealt AK, AQ, or AJ 3.6% of the time


  • You are dealt suited connectors 4% of the time


  • 69 Suited is 50/50 vs Pocket 3’s


  • .25% chance you Flop Quads with a Pocket Pair